About Me

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Hi, I’m Julie.

I started this blog in 2019 when I was pregnant with my second son, thinking it was the perfect time to start something new. Almost four years later, I’m finally picking it back up, because apparently being a working mom with two boys under two years old is hectic. Who knew?

My life has changed since this blog began. Back then, I was a military spouse, married to a naval officer, with one toddler boy and a baby on the way. Now, I’m a single mom.

It’s not where I expected to be. But sometimes unexpected twists are just what we need, and I know I’m not alone. There’s a chorus of mothers who have come to my aid in airports, playgrounds, grocery stores, and restaurants as I’ve tried to lead an active life with little boys who love nothing more than to run off in public.

I figured now is a good time to get back to blogging as I muddle through navigating life as a single mom. I make mistakes. I’m sure I’ll continue to do so. It’s part of the human experience. I’ll do my best to share my successes and failures. If you’re reading this as a new or ongoing single mom, know this: you’re part of the club. It’s a club none of us really wanted to join, but you’re welcome.