About Me



I’m Julie, a military spouse, mom, runner and blogger. For the last five years my husband and I have been lucky enough to live in Honolulu, Hawaii. We have one toddler boy and another boy on the way later in 2019.

Before marrying my husband, I never thought I’d be a military spouse living in Hawaii. I grew up in Sonoma County, California, where I learned young the difference between Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio and that anyone who says rosé is lowbrow doesn’t know what the eff they’re talking about. I knew people who worked in the wine industry, agriculture, local businesses, or commuted into San Francisco for more high-power jobs. I knew no one in the military.

I met my husband at a party when I was 24 and we’ve been together ever since. Military life has been an adjustment. Finding a job and keeping a career when you move frequently is nearly impossible. Unemployment and underemployment are both rampant among mil spouses. But I love my husband and our family, so we make it work.

After years of trying to figure out my roles in my communities living in Hawaii as a military spouse, I added another layer by welcoming a baby boy in 2017. I had no clue how much becoming a mom would change my identity, community role, and life overall. Nobody can really know that until they go through it.

I love my boy beyond reason, just as I’m sure I’ll love his brother. It’s hard being a mom. It’s hard to navigate taking care of a tiny human while maintaining my own sanity, health and career. I started this blog to help share what I think I’m doing right, what I know I’ve done wrong, and anything else that might help or amuse other moms, dads or people who are interested. Thanks for reading.